Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Woo hoo! I hope your New Years' Eve was as fun as mine. I got to spend it eating a "one last hurrah" dinner with my husband (including cocktails) before heading out to watch fireworks with he and my two sons. AWESOME way to close the book on 2010.

So, about 2011 . . .


Or, I'm at least trying to be.

For some reason, (the one last "hurrah" meal, maybe?) my stomach is a little "knotty" and I am crazy tired today. But, I stood by my promise to go water-only and stay within my Weight Watchers points allotment. Which is a HUGE success. In the mean time, I feel like all I could really do is lay around, read my new "Self" magazine and weight loss books, and then sleep. ALL DAY.

Which means I have no motivation whatsoever to exercise. But that won't last long . . . I'm sure of it!!

Oh! And I know I promised a picture, but I'm holding off until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh-in after dropping soda and most of the alcohol from my bloodstream. (Or, as I like to say, "There's blood in my alcohol stream!") Moving forward, I will videotape all of my weigh-ins so that you know I'm being honest.

I will also take the "Before" pictures tomorrow, and post them on a new page called "Visual Progress." Then, on the first Sunday of the month before a weigh-in (weigh-ins will be weekly), I will take a picture and post it to the progress page to track how I look from week to week.

I will try to wear the same shirt and shorts every time, and try to take the picture in the same spot of the house, so that when comparing them side-by-side (or from top to bottom), the results are easier to spot.

What do you think? Should I be doing something differently? Have I motivated anyone to try to drink water only for one year?

Come ON!! I need some accountability partners . . . :)

By the way, I will also be posting about my other goals (finances, photography, family, etc) in the future. "A Better Second Half" is about making life changes, which include weight loss and good health. But, those are only part of the whole plan!

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